My name is Jessica,

Great! Let me introduce more about myself

Back in university, I majored in Electrical Engineering. I love engineering, but when I was selected to represent the university to join various British Parliamentary debates competition, nationwide and even internationally, I found it to be more attractive. I also loved illustrating in my free time growing up. For a long time I’ve been pondering - with a blend of seemingly irrelevant traits like me, what would be my profession in the future? In my third year, I discovered the area of HCI, and have since been riding my bike for 50min everyday to the HCI Lab in Tsinghua University - one of the top in China. This was the start of me getting into the design field.
To prove my love and dedication of this emerging area, in 2013 I moved to the States to pursue HCI in Carnegie Mellon University. There, I took lots of courses and completed multiple projects leading up to the Master of HCI degree. (Here are some ancient school projects back in the days).